Three Tech Myths People Still Be live Blindly


Most of today we use technology in all of our work. Every people is know how to use of technology because many expert company and YouTuber is share their knowledge to common people. that time some youtuber are paid. they have give paid review or wrong information to people and most of their follower is belive blindly without knowing any truth. today i give Seven Tech Myth which not true but some paid expert and other people is talking many time to people.

1. More MP Camera is Give More Better Result

Today we face big problem when we purchase mobile phone. when ever we purchase mobile that time we ask to seller how many mega pixel camera in this phone? In our mind one theory set that is More Mega-Pixel  Camera is giving more better result.but it is totally wrong information. Some Company is give more mega pixel camera on their phone like Oppo, Vivo, MI and Other Company and some Company is give small Mega Pixel Camera Like Apple, OnePlus, Essential, Samsung, Nokia. If MI give 16 MP Camera on his phone that time it is not give better result against 12 MP Camera of Apple.

2. Not Use third Party Charger on your phone

One big and common tech myth of people is when ever we charge our mobile that time not use third party charger because third party charger is charge your phone slow and decreases your battery capacity. But it is totally tech myth. many time that is true when ever we charge our mobile using third party charger that time our mobile charge very slow. but it is fault of data cable or Capacity of charger. if our original charger is 5 Ah and we charge our mobile using 2 Ah charger that time we face this problem otherwise this is Very big Tech Myth.

3. Don’t recharge batteries until they are almost dead

In our mind one of big tech myth is do not recharge batteries until they are almost dead. many people do this when their mobile battery is not reach to under 10%, they have not recharge their battery. because they are follow this tech myth. This applied to nickel-cadmium batteries, but it doesn’t apply to today’s lithium-ion batteries. It’s actually best to keep your device between 40-80% charged, and that means not letting it drain to 0% (be sure to check the equipment’s operator’s manual). Plus, it’s kind of lame waiting on your phone to die so you can resuscitate it. That doesn’t work well in relationships, and it doesn’t work with batteries either.

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