How to Work LED Stump Light ?


Cricket is Most popular game in world and new technology in also come into cricket ground. New Technology of Stump LED Light is how work and what is myth of stump light.

In Cricket before this New LED bells we use wood stumps and bells. these time one big problem is give perfect decision for umpire that is out or not out.Rules is at least one bell both side is on air that time player is out. but many time umpire is not give correct decision.that is hard for third umpire in review to tack decision batsman is out or not. Many time in Run Out or Stumping umpire is give wrong decision.

The idea of using LED stumps was first suggested by Bronte EcKermann, founder of South Australian manufacturer Zing International. EcKermann is a mechanical industrial designer by profession, and is the creator of the Zing Wicket System, or the LED lights if you would want to put it into a much simpler manner.

LED Bells System is how work is not say exactly. but according to experts this LED Bell is Working on to two theory.

First Theory:

In Both Side of Bell’s Edge put Read Switches. Read Switches is working magnet through. In Stand position of stump is both switches is off and when ever both side is move to their position that time both switches is on and LED Light Start on Stump or bells. if bell is move only one side that time led light is not start. this process is done into nano second.

Second Theory:

In both side of bell’s edge put on tech-tile sensor. tech-tile sensor is monitor of bell’s contact to stump. when ever contact is missing to stump that time LED Lighting of bell and stump both are start. this process also work into nano seconds.


  • Biggest Myth of LED Stump is price of full set. some websites and social media is viral price of this set is 40,000 $(US dollar). but it is true if we purchase this full set into the market that time we expanse 40000$.
  • If we are making by our self or another third person that time this full set ready in maximum 1000$.

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