2019 Best Earphones Under 500 Budget

Today every person use Earphone in regular life. Earphone is one type of necessary Gadget for Human. If you are traveling any where or go for vacation you need Earphone. So, Today we write about Best 2019 Earphone in Under 500 Budget. These all Earphone I Use and After that I suggest to you.

Best Earphone Under 500

Today in market many types Earphone available. you search on market that time you find Bluetooth Earphone, Wired Earphone, Wireless Earphone, and many other types Earphones.

Earphone Available in different price base. you can also buy Earphone in 100 Rupees and you can also Buy 1 Lack Rupees Earphone. But Today our article base on Best Earphone Under 500 Rupees Budget.

1. PISTON FIT Premium

1MORE PISTON FIT Premium earphone is just one of the best earphones in greatest earphones under 500 listing. However, here the trouble with this earphone that’s their cost is Rs 799 online. I urge you can improve your funding then you receive great earphone.


This earphone has good sound quality or exceptionally deep bass which make you mad. This earphone has complete relaxation that will help to listen to music for quite a while. Additionally, it has all attributes like mouse or mic.


  • Dynamic audio Excellent
  • Exceptionally Deep Bass.
  • Fantastic Layout.
  • Has All Characteristics.


  • Expensive Earphone (Cost over 500)
  • Cease working one speaker after 1 month.

Recommend you need to obtain this earphone since this earphone is entire great earphone however this earphone is hard to match in your budget since this earphone cost is 799 in the online in India.

2. Mi Earphone Basic

This earphone includes the most recent and best earphone attributes. These attributes help more enjoy audio. Mi Earphone Basic is unique at a deep bass that offers ultrasound quality. Mi gives tangle cables. This earphone is ideal for relaxation.

Mi Earphone Basic

It is possible to take advantage of this earphone for quite a while since their earbuds construct by silicone which helps to offer complete comfort without pain on your listen. Mi earphone includes mic/microphone which helps to select phone when you listen to audio or has drama paused button which makes simple to utilized mi earphone. That why I’ve cited from the best earphones below 500 list.


  • Includes a Mike and drama
  • Total Comfort


  • Build Quality (cease functioning after 1 year)

That I believe that you should obtain this earphone since general this earphone get 5 stars. This earphone has good quality beneath Rs 500. This earphone cost is Rs 399 at India.

3. SAMSUNG Wired Headset

SAMSUNG Wired Headset is great that funding is reduced but still this fantastic earphone. Samsung is a superb brand in electronic platform so in earphone area this brand additionally to great. That why I’ve mentioned this earphone within this list. Samsung earphone is excellent in audio quality and also this earphone also good in build quality I urge you should buy.

SAMSUNG Wired Headset

This earphone includes the useful features. This earphone includes a Mic option which you are able to be utilized when you listen to audio or when you travel easily you are able to get calls. Has alter volume and song together with earphone without used cellular. 3.5 jack is a standard which may be used for almost any electronic item.


  • Has Mic / Microphone or drama


  • Average Audio quality.

Audio quality is average but In 500 Budget this earphone is best for you.

4. boAt BassHeads 100

BoAt earphone is excellent within their own earphone design. This earphone offers high-quality sound with heavy bass. Since their motorists are 10mm that offer clear audio and higher bass. This earphone also ideal for layout and construct quality.

boAt BassHeads 100

This Earphone includes all features which help create to utilize. Inside this earphone includes Mic and also play/paused button which may be employed to modify the tune or you could select calls once you listen to audio in the earphone led. Their earphone lead also has the very long length or complete relaxation earbuds which help listen to music for quite a while without pain at the ear.

Once used boAt earphone I think that it may be the very best earphone within this list.


  • Good sound Excellent
  • Great Layout
  • Full of Features.
  • Build caliber.


  • Speaker Problem after 3-5 Months.

I believe that is best earphone if your financial plan under 500 since this earphone cost is Rs 399 in india.


UBON UNIVERSE-UB185 is among the affordable earphones in this list Since the earphone price is just Rs 215 in India online shop. The qualities of this earphone are this earphone has noise isolation features is too great. Audio quality is good with average bass. This earphone is full comfortable due to their earbuds are wholly comfortable.



  • Clear sound Excellent
  • Noise isolation


  • Cheap Build quality.
  • Lack of attribute

I just advise this earphone for you personally if your budget below Rs .300 because that really is cheap earphone in this list. According to their price, this is a fantastic earphone.

6. Portronics Por-764 Conch 204 in-Ear

Portronics POR 767 Conch 204 earphone is ideal in their own Design. Their ear buds are too soft that made by silicon which helps to make bass and block external noise. This port is 3.5mm which may be used for almost any device. Apparent voice Mic to select the telephone and get when listening to audio.

Portronics Por-764 Conch 204 in-Ear

I believe I really don’t enjoy in review their build quality is weak because of the build quality any 1 speaker stops functioning in 6 month.


  • Good audio quality.


  • Bad Build caliber
  • Cease working within 6 weeks.

I believe that you can go for additional earphone in this list since this earphone is profit average score in my review with this best earphones below 500 list.

7. Sound One 616 Earphone

Sound One 616 earphone has complete relaxation on your ears. After used a month we get very good experience from this earphone. This earphone offers great audio quality. This assembles with the most recent design and contains all best features like inside this earphone has sound cancellation attributes to clean audio quality.

Sound One 616 Earphone

Their 3.5 mm jack is standard dimensions to used any electronic platform. On 616 includes Mic and mic characteristics which help pick phone when you listen to audio or you’ll be able to alter the tune with earphone.


  • Has Mic for select Call
  • Total comfortable
  • Good audio Excellent
  • lightweight
  • Great Layout


  • Little Earbuds in dimension (Because of ti small size that they easily slip out of the ear)

I urge you need to buy one 616 earphones since this earphone cost under Rs 500 which means it is easy to manage this earphone and I’d give 4.5 stars since within this price range this is ideal earphone.

8. Philips SHE1455WT

Philips SHE1455WT earphone is ideal block outside noise input in your ear when you listen to their earbuds also boost the bass level from the ear. You are able to alter the tune on this earphone with the support of a button. I discovered the exact same issue with this earphone that I have with over earphone. The dilemma is that earphone readily broken since within my review after 3 weeks their mouse stops functioning. Now you understand better what’s the issue with this earphone.

Philips SHE1455WT


  • Good sound quality ideal for each and every tune overcome.
  • High profound Bass which means that you may enjoy DJ song.
  • Great looking and ideal for travel utilized.
  • Value for cash.


  • Build Quality Isn’t perfect.
  • Damaged earphone direct but still great due to their cost.

I advise that you should however this earphone because according to their own cost this earphone is ideal.

9. Skullcandy JIB S2DUDZ-003

Skullcandy JIB S2DUDZ-003 that this earphone is just one of the top earphones inside their own audio quality since their speaker driver is 10 mm that’s large. This earphone is complete comfort for your own ear and enriches listen time. Has Mic for select call while phone from the pocket. In my reviewI discover this stops functioning a speaker after 3 weeks. Make sure once you buy you understand their build quality is poor.

Skullcandy JIB S2DUDZ-003


  • Good sound quality, dynamic and clear.
  • Deep exceptionally bass following sound cancellation.


  • Build Quality is not good.
  • Mic Not available in this earphone.

I believe that you should obtain this earphone since this earphone includes a fantastic quality of sound and complete relaxation but this really is 1 difficulty this earphone stops functioning inside in 6 weeks.

This is my very best earphones under 500 listing I hope you enjoy my listing. I inform you two earphones from this record that aid to pick earphone. 1 Mi earphone that I adore so much in this listing and yet another is Samsung earphone these annoyance ear[telephone is great in general evaluation why I urge the two earphones but other earphones still great due to their cost.

Now tell me that earphone you need to buy and the reason why you inform us my leave remark in the interior section.

I hope you enjoy out greatest earphones under 500 listing in 2019. If still, you’ve got some issue with this earphone it’s possible to inquire by leaving a comment.

Should you like our very best earphones below 500 listing then follow us to get more earphone listing beneath your budget.

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